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About Us

vocals • guitar • piano


vocals • guitar • piano
vocals • bass • cello


vocals • bass • cello




Who are you?

We’re I Am Not Lefthanded, a mostly-Irish indie trio, currently based in California. How are you?

What kind of music do you play?

Cinematic indie with a twist of lemon. We’ve sometimes been described as ‘Suzanne Vega fronting Snow Patrol’ – but we’ve also been described as trouble, so take that with a grain of salt…

What’s with the rhino?

The Rhinosaur is our music in tiny animal form. He started life as a soapstone statue who was the star of our first music video, for Endline, many moons ago. Since then, he tends to represent us as a trio, when we cannot be physically present.

Who does your artwork?

We like to do almost everything ourselves – putting the ‘i’ in indie, if you will. Starting with the release of Lose Myself, our artwork is now 100% drawn by iamnotbenji, a talented man of hidden depths.

Can I use your music in my video?

For non-commercial purposes, please do! We’re big proponents of Creative Commons and are delighted when our songs go out in the world and find new adventures. All that we ask is that you put a link back to this website ( And please do let us know as there are projects we don’t support – if you’re an arms dealer looking for a low-key indie soundtrack to your latest sales promotion, know we’re not for you. If you’d like to license our songs for films, commercials or similar, check out our Licensing page.

How can I best support your music?

The best thing you can do is share it with someone you think might like it. Streaming it via Spotify, Apple Music or similar is great – every little adds up and helps us keep the lights on. Buying the tracks or some merch via Bandcamp is even better. If you want to hear from us more, you can check out our Friends of IANL subscription that you can sign up to via Bandcamp or Patreon.

Are you playing any shows in my area?

We’re currently developing a hybrid show model, where we play a live show in one location but also stream it online. Until then, we’re focusing on releasing new music for the next few months, but then should be starting on some proper touring – so sign up to the mailing list and we will keep you updated.


“Brimming with infectious and irresistible songs that instantly bury themselves in your head, pushing their melodic roots all the way into your brain and effortlessly flourishing.” (Alternative Ulster Magazine

“Another of those rare things that at only five seconds in you know instantly you’re going to fall headlong in love with, the bitter sweet cruise controlled drive timing ’Persuade Yourself’ smoulders its way into your affections in a way that these days only Kirsten Hersh manages to do.” (

“Songs like ‘Long Goodbyes’ bring me back again. The song invites the bleakness in, then pours it out again, filtered in fight and colour.  A song to hold to yourself, to sing to the north-east wind until the dust is out of your eyes.” (

“Quietly resplendent, self-assured and shimmering sweet pop tunes. An all-too brief evening of sublime music awash with catchy, sparklingly irresistible compositions.” (BBC)

“The Fire & The Sigh pulses with goodness and a relentless bass. You can hear it gently purr like a content cat. More than a warm blanket this album is a Snuggie, a wrap around sonic hug from friends you haven’t seen in a while. I Am Not Lefthanded’s music lingers long after you’ve hit stop and walked away. Just like the best music should.” (New Music Ten)

“They have a great understated, delicate honesty to their approach to a song. Beautifully arranged, leaving each instrument room to breathe. A pitch perfect offering – it makes for simply great post grungy music that I think is very rare nowadays.”(The Mutation)

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