Some people want to join us on the journey; some people want to meet us at the destination…

We’re a people-powered band, if we get to keep making music, it’s because of you. The best thing you can do to support us is share our music – play it for someone who you think might like it, that makes us happy.


We’re not in this for the money – it’s a joy to be able to write and record music and send it out in the world. But we do sometimes wish that we could give it more time, and make more music for you, while still paying our bills.


We’re launching a FRIENDS of IANL programme –  for $1 a month, you get to come behind the scenes with us. We’re releasing a bi-monthly podcast – I Am Not a Podcast – with each issue including three new live recordings of songs, recording updates and our feelings on the topic of the day. You can listen to a sample from our first episode here:

You’ll also get access to early versions of songs, lyrics and Kathryn’s blog posts, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our music as it grows.


You can sign up via Patreon at


Or via Bandcamp at


Don’t worry, if you can’t or don’t want to sign up for this, we’ll still be releasing all of our finished songs and videos to the world when they’re ready – this is just for people who want to know a little more, get a little more insight and join us on the journey.




Kathryn, Daniel & Benji