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Join the Band

We’re a people-powered band – we don’t have any record labels, booking agents or secret cabal of shadowy figures helping us take over the world. If we get to keep making music, it’s because of you. The best thing  you can do to support us is share our music – play it for someone who you think might like it.

We’re not in this for the money – it’s a joy and a privilege to be able to write and record music and send it out in the world. But we do wish that we could give it more time, and make more music for you, while still managing to pay our rent. If you want to support us a little more, for just $1 a month, you can get all our music from here to eternity, thanks to our partnership with Patreon. If you give a little more, you can have a little more fun.

Have a look at this video to see the details of what’s going on:

Thanks for your support!

Kathryn, Daniel & Benji




As well as our undying gratitude, at $1+ per video you’ll get an mp3 download of the song for the month’s video, as well as access to our Patron-only feed with new song demos, video reports, outtakes & more.



At the $3+ level, you’ll get an immediate, pre-release download of the song for each video in the format of your choice, access to the behind-the-scenes feed, as well as full access to the archive of all our of our previous songs.



We have an online monthly livestream hangout on the 4th Sunday of every month (at 12pm PST), and at the $5+ level you can request a song for us to play! We play some songs and talk about music, videos, tea, cake, puppies – whatever you feel like. If you can’t make one, you’ll get a link to the video replay and a podcast version. Plus you get the above rewards too, of course!



Our $10+ Patrons, can submit ideas to our Ideas Mailbox – for each video, we’ll take one suggestion from the Mailbox and incorporate it into the video – be as strange or as creative as you like. Have you always wanted to see a panda riding a unicorn? Just let us know! Plus you’ll also get the above rewards.



You get to choose a song for us to record a cover of (or choose one of our old songs that you’d like us to make a video for). You get one choice per calendar year, so choose wisely. And you get all of the above rewards too, as well as a free hug every time we see you.